Thursday, October 21, 2010

Using up the swiss chard

I managed to get some swiss chard into my family this week, with this easy recipe.
Braised half a sliced onion in a bit of oil, add some cumin/jeera and a bit of chilli or chilli powder. I add a quarter tsp chilli powder AND a whole chilli, so it's not too much for the kids but the hubby who likes things hot can munch on the chilli. If you have turmeric, add a quarter tsp.
Then add a clove or 2 of slice/chopped garlic. To this add a peeled and cubed potato, with a quarter cup water. Add your chopped swiss chard, toss a bit and cook for about 5minutes. Add about 3 tsp tomato paste to thicken the gravy - not necessary. Salt to taste.

I'd use about 6 cups chopped swiss chard to 1 medium potato.
We had it with roti - yum.


  1. Maybe leave out the potato and tomato?
    I tend to cook onion/garlic/chilli in oil the just add the spinach to let it steam.

    My spinach did not survive so I am planting again.

  2. That would work, but my kids wouldn't eat it- too much green :)
    Now I'm reducing to chopping up the spinach really fine and hoping it gets lost amongst everything else in the meal.