Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keeping busy in winter

I'm one of those people who steps into the garden to do something for 5 minutes and comes back in an hour later, grimy and happy (and a little sheepish) We're in the southern hemisphere, so its in the middle of winter here. And after the hecticness (is that a word?) of the veggie garden in spring/summer/autumn, I felt a bit lost.

So I got down to all the other stuff I should be doing. All my veggie garden planning for the next 12 months has been done - yay! (Now I must just stick to the plan....)

I've sorted out my compost heaps - I've got 2 'real' ones going and one just full of grass cuttings and fallen leaves. This last one I use to supply the others and for lasagne bed material.

It took 3 days and lots of heavy lifting (rolling) to get my rockery done - I'm thrilled with it. Can't believe I did it!

Now I must convince the hubby to get the rest of the raised beds done, so I can lasagne them before spring-planting time. I still need to figure out how I'm going to handle my tomato plants - hmm got to give that one some thought.

I know that some have already started sowing in seed trays indoors, but I think I'm going to wait a week, at least until the current cold snap passes - gosh it's so hard to be patient...

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