Monday, September 6, 2010

It's September!

It's spring here in the southern hemisphere, which means lots of hard work for the people like me who leave things for the last minute :) My hubby has finally built my last 3 raised beds - but he assembled them completely out of the ground. Which means that I'll need to install them - lot's of digging.

I seem to have forgotten how to sow seeds, I'm not getting a very good success rate. Maybe it's the quality of the compost I'm using? I hate wasting seed - especially the heirloom ones that I bought, which work out to about a rand per seed!! I've even prayed over the little things :)

Had some poles delivered last week, will be setting them up for my tomatoes - am going to try the Florida Weave method of "staking" them. And my hubby's Aunt got me the most wonderful composted horse manure - I keep going out to admire the stuff - only another gardener can understand that :) I've already set out some manure tea to soak....

So my To-do list for this evening is:
Prep soil for Cukes, Marrows and butternut.
Plant out butternut that's ready (4)
Add some manure to pumpkin and marrow that's been planted out.
Spray Peach and nectarine with neem
Add mulch to rest to the planted beds
Test a soaker hose system for while we're away.
Trasplant tomatoes into bigger pots

And the rest of the week
Install the last 3 raised beds and kinda lasagne them
Dig in the tomato poles in 2 of the beds.

And while I'm doing all this, I'll be thanking the Lord for the gift of the garden and the space that allows me to grow pumpkins and have 3 compost piles. A gift that I know I don't deserve, given thru' grace and received with absolute gratitude...and willingness ;)

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