Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Watering & Chilli seedlings

We'll be going away for a few days and I've been stressing about how to keep the veggie patch watered. The plants are so little, so their roots are not deep and we've been having really hot weather, with no rain in sight. I've tried the 2lt-bottles-with-a-pin-hole idea, but it's not going to be enough for the time we're away.

So, I bit the bullet and decided to coughed up the money for a timer - discovered a really nice one on special at Makro (bulk warehouse type store) – 33% off the normal price :) Now I have 2 days to figure out how to use it and to lay out the sprinklers etc - lucky we have all the other bits and bobs in the garden shed. As it will be a rush job, it’s not going to look pretty, but at least it will get the job done, and I won’t spend my holiday praying for rain over Gauteng :)

On another note, I came across "Chilli – Tobasco" seedlings which I couldn’t resist. Why couldn’t I resist this, you may ask? Because a few weeks ago, I found a recipe for tobasco sauce, one in which you ferment the sauce for a few months etc. Now, I know this is probably not the same chilli that’s used in the original recipe, but hey, if I’m going to try to make tobasco sauce, I might as well do it with a chilli called Tobasco :) Anyway, as would happen, I have now lost the above-mentioned recipe and will now have to trawl through 100’s of them on the internet.... Will post a link here when I do.

Edit: I just came across this at the site where I get some of my seeds from
So there's a chance that the chilli plants I have are the real tobasco - I'll compare them when I have the fruit....


  1. Hi Mo,
    Daves sister here, good to see your blog, I will be following along. We grow a birds eye chili here which is tiny but very hot! They say the smaller they are the hotter they get!
    Also grew some jalapenos which were very nice - not so hot you couldnt eat them!

  2. Hi Dave’s sister :) Funny you should mention the birds eye chilli - Dave gave me some seedlings last year. The chillies where green from the time they emerged from the flower, but this year, the very same plant has little RED chillies – very strange. BTW have been following your AfricanAussie blog – great stuff. Your blogging hints were very helpful for a newbie like me :)